We offer the full range of relevant services in the area of visual and audio related post production - from cut, visual and sound effects, color

grading, sound processing and mixing to the preparation of the play out master and the archiving of the film and sound material. 

Our centralized storage management system EditShare XStream provides the possibility that several cutters can work in parallel at one project – safely, creative and efficient! Our self-developed, stable Red and Alexa workflows allow the processing of 2K und 4K formats without any limits. Full HD capability oft the whole equipment goes without saying.


Our competent team of experts comes with the necessary technical and operational knowledge and experiences in order to deliver perfect results. We keep available for you at all times before or during a project. Furthermore, we maintain a network of experienced cutters and sound engineers who will support you at your request.


We recommend an extensive counseling interview to you already during the pre-production phase which allows in advance to clarify certain technical details that later on guarantees effective and efficient work during the creative phase.


In the following you can find an extract of our equipment:


Post Production - visual

• EditShare XStream EFS

• HD Avid editing suites

• 4K Avid editing suite

• Avid Media Composer Nitris DX

• Avid Media Composer DNxIO

• Avid Media Composer AJA Kona 3G

• Adobe Creative Suite CC

• Grading Suite with DaVinci Resolve

• 4K Screening Room

• Central, air-conditioned engineering room with HDCAM, XDCAM
  and Digi-Beta magnetic recordings


Post Production - audio

• Nuendo on Multi Core Mac Pro and PC

• WK Audio ID Controller

• Plugins: Waves Platinum, iZotope Ozone, RX Advanced, Audio Ease Altiverb
  and Speakerphone

• Nugen LMB

• Video in Full HD via Mac Mini and/or Decklink board

• AVALON 737 Mic Pre

• Voice-over booth

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