The Final Works - Provided
with the Finishing Touch

Before we hand over the final version of the works, we carry out a meticulous final check and eliminate probably still existing inaccuracies. Thus, you do not have to fear any obstacles during the broadcast stations technical control.


Based on your requirements, we prepare your product taking into consideration the technical guidelines of the broadcasting stations with colors that are fulfilling broadcasting quality requirements and with a recording level in accordance with the loudness level norm EBU-R128. Only a perfect version of your works should leave our company, provided with the finishing touch that makes the difference.


With regard to the data carrier on which and the format in which we provide you the final version of your product, we fully apply to your requirements - HDCAM, XDCAM or Digi-Beta, in accordance with EBU-R128 or not, you determine how we hand over your perfectly produced works.


Furthermore, your works is in goods hands. A comprehensive storage management system guarantees that it is safely archived and stays available as needed. 

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