The perfectly processed
sound – adds an additional dimension to the film


Irrespective, if TV formats, CD/DVD (music, concerts, audio books) or advertisement – we deliver perfect sounding works. For that purpose,

we offer you the complete spectrum of audio related post production services – starting with the development of sound concepts, via sound design, voice and dubbing recording, processing of the original sound

to the final music cut and final mixing – everything stereo-based.


Upon your request, our experienced and competent team, e.g. sound designers and sound directors (mix), is ready to support you. We are

also available for a counseling interview at any time in order to discuss

how your project can be realized best. 

Sound Design

The sound design should support the visual experience connected to your film and grant him an additional dimension. For that purpose, we set certain sound moods, either by sound recording of noise or by adding special sound effects. You can revert to our specialists, in order to create the necessary foleys.


Voice and Dubbing Recording

In the area of voice and dubbing recording we focus on the complete dubbing of TV films and commercials in almost all world’slanguages. On the other hand, our equipment including voice-over booth is ready to perfectly realize voice recordings for establishing shots and documentaries (off speaker, voice over) as well as for audio books.


Processing of Original Sound & Audio Restoration

An appealing original sound is the prerequisite for a realistic listening experience. Therefore, we place emphasis on the processing of the original sound and audio restoration. These efforts also significantly contribute to keeping productions costs of a film within its budget due to the fact that initially over modulated, noisy or with side noise recorded sound recordings can be broadcasted after their processing without making necessary any extensive post dubbings or voice overs.


Audio Cut & Mixing

The audio cut and the mixing provides the sound with the finishing touch for preferable homogenous sound characteristics, and the sound can go on air – in accordance with the loudness level norm EBU-R128.

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