TVT Stock Car Crash Challenge | since 2005

project date: June 2005

Since its premiere located in the Schalke Arena of Gelsenkirchen

TV host Steffan Raab first got initiated in the world of stock car racing while doing a report for the segment "Raab in Gefahr" (Raab in Danger), after which he organised his own competition for the first time in 2005. It now takes place every year and almost always in the Schalke Arena of Gelsenkirchen. The Große TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge starts with four competitions in the categories - 1500, 1900 and 3000 cc as well as the Caravan Crash Cup. In addition, a rodeo race is carried out that ends when only one car is left fit to drive. The event is broadcasted by ProSieben. Cape Cross was responsible for this production as full service technical provider from the beginning.

Cape Cross Services

• lighting concept & design

• lighting technology

• rigging

• camera crane systems

• power supply




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