McFit Fight Night | 2007

project date: March 2007

McFit Fight Night 2007 | Kölnarena

Stefan Raab went into the ring for two fights against Regina Halmich for the title "All-Class Female World Champion". The "Killer Belly" lost the first fight against the world champion in women's fly-weight boxing on points on 22nd of March 2001. On 30th of March 2007, a re-match was held at a sold-out Kölnarena with the tagline "Die Rückkehr der Killerplauze" (Return of the Killer Belly). The fight was the main event of the "McFit Fight Night". As expected, Raab lost, but this time he was still standing after all six rounds.

Cape Cross Services

• lighting concept & design

• lighting technology

• rigging

• camera crane systems

• power supply




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