ESC 2011 - Düsseldorf | Finale

project date: May 2011

Cape Cross - douze points!

As was the case for the semi-final events, the perfect staging of the final on 14 May was praised by all. "The audience was treated to an excellent show, especially visually." (Spiegel Online, 15 May 2011). Indeed, the overall reaction to the show: undiluted enthusiasm. What a huge stage, and what amazing effects on and by the gigantic LED wall! There was also repeated praise from the jury presidents of the participating countries for the show and its moderators. Safura from Azerbaijan sang: "Thanks for the wonderful show!"

"A raging success for Düsseldorf -and for Germany!" (Express, 15 May 2011). "The greatest TV show ever produced on German television treated viewers to a long-distance cinematic experience: The marvellous stage, the gigantic, brilliantly-coloured 60 x 18-metre screen, the playfully imaginative film shorts and the untypically German gags - everything worked just perfectly." (Stern Online, 15 May 2011).

Cape Cross Services

• lighting technology

• media technology

• rigging

• post production (for the postcard clips)




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